Disabilities and Health

Palliative care, Dementia, Learning disability, Mental health.
Personalised home care for people with Dementia this includes  Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia, Mixed Dementia, Dementia with Lewy bodies.
For people with dementia, orientation and day-to-day memory can be challenging, so having a routine is even more important than usual.
At 24hr Swift Care Services, we aim to permanently allocate our Care & Support Workers so a familiar, friendly face will walk through our clients’ doors for every visit.

Dementia home care from 24hr Swift Care Services allows our clients to stay in familiar surroundings alongside their loved ones for as long as possible, as an alternative to residential care.

As the condition progresses, dementia can cause behavioural changes, restlessness and agitation. Repeating questions is another factor which can cause a strain on loved ones.
Our visits can provide respite for those who need a break from caring, allowing them to relax while knowing their loved ones are being cared for.