Palliative Care in one’s own home

A viable alternative to hospice care!
Although palliative care is most often associated with hospices, hospitals and nursing homes, there is no reason – given the right support – why someone cannot choose to be cared for in their own home. Indeed, many people will specifically request to see out their final days at home in preference to moving to a hospice.
If this is what your loved one would like to do, then choosing palliative care with 24hr Swift Care Services Ltd will enable you to respect and uphold their wishes. We will provide them with the personal care and support they need and we will also liaise closely with the medical experts (typically a combination of GPs, District Nurses and Macmillan Nurses) to make sure they receive all the medical care they need.
Providing effective palliative care requires exceptional qualities, in particular the gifts of natural sensitivity and compassion, as well as strong practical care skills. Our palliative carers are carefully chosen and specifically trained to provide emotional and spiritual support, as well as personal care. They also understand that an important part of their role is to provide comfort and reassurance to family members, as well as to the person they are caring for.